DaTa-Tree house
hyperbolic parabloid  body structure constructed with straight segment lumber.

The concept was to crete an amorph shape using straight segments using parametrical tooling. I used several hyperbolic parabloid bodies created from double curves which connect to one another. each surface is seperated into the same amount of segments and therefore allows for the differrent segments to connect together and create the "ribs". Each rib is constructed of 3 differrent lumber stripes varying in length and angles.
this project is an experiment aimed at creating a hyparabloid body from stright section lumber.

side view draft
frontview draft showing the connection between the hypar body and the orthogonal base.
front view of the house demonstrating the diferrent types of construction.
front view of the house
Each "rib" is constructed of 3 differrent types of straight section lumber strips.They differ in length and angles. This method allows for optimal material usage of the wood since the whole shape is constructed out of strips resulting in minimal waste and cost.
bird's eye prespective overlooking the house.
line draft
interior view from the second floor.
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